5 Graines d'Olivier, Olea europaea var. europaea

5 Graines d'Olivier, Olea europaea var. europaea

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Olivier de Provence, Olea Europaea Var. Europaea |

Olivier, Olea Europaea

5 seeds  - Average germination: 60% - Cold stratifness during 6 months before sowing

Olea Europaea is a species oftrees or d 'shrubs of family of oleaceae Widespread throughAfrica,Asia andMediterranean Europe and a variety has been domesticated and cultivated to become theOlivier. During the history of botany, many subspecies have been described.

Representatives of the species Olea Europaea are bushes, shrubs or trees sempervirents (still green) up to 15 M high. The branches are dotted with peltée scales. The foliage is persistent, the leaves are opposite, whole and elliptical, tough and dotted with hairs scales, more or less narrow, 3 to 9 long CM.

The flowers, white or yellowish, are grouped in Panicles axillary. The welded Calice , at 4 Triangular Lobes, is short. The Corolles form 4 petals tubes. The stamens are two in number. The superior ovary is more or less swollen conical. The fruits are Drupes fleshy with hard core, 5 MM at 4 CM, which become black at maturity1.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Olea Europaea from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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