Graines Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa de Farnèse, Cassier

Graines Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa de Farnèse, Cassier

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Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa farnesiana, sweet acacia |

Vachellia farnesiana, also known as Acacia farnesiana, and previously Mimosa farnesiana, commonly known as sweet acacia,[12] huisache,[13] or needle bush, is a species of shrub or small tree in the legume family, Fabaceae. Its flowers are used in the perfume industry.

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The plant is deciduous over part of its range,[14] but evergreen in most locales.[15] Growing from multiple trunks, it reaches a height of 4.6–9.1 metres (15–30 feet).[13] The bark is whitish gray.[16] The base of each leaf is accompanied by a pair of thorns on the branch.[17] The dark brown fruit is a seed pod.

Deer and peccaries eat its fruit, various birds use the plant for nesting and cover, and insects eat the nectar from its flowers. If disturbed, it readily resprouts.[17] It thrives in dry, saline, or sodic soils.

It is considered a serious pest plant in parts of Australia, as it interferes with cattle-ranching operations. It readily spreads in commercial grazing pastures, especially along creeks, which might affect ease of transport for farmers, complicates muster, and can damage farm machinery. The seeds are dispersed by cattle after they eat the nutritious pods, and growth is promoted by overgrazing. Numerous herbicides are used to control it on ranches; chemical control is the only way to kill it.The plant has been spread to many new locations as a result of human activity, and it is considered a serious weed in Fiji, where locals call it Ellington's curse.

The flowers are processed through distillation to produce a perfume called cassie, which has been described as "delicious".[11][31] It is widely used in the perfume industry in Europe. Flowers of the plant provide the perfume essence from which the biologically important sesquiterpenoid farnesol is named.[31]

Scented ointments from cassie are made in India.

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