Graines Viorne lantane, Viorne mancienne, Viburnum lantana

Graines Viorne lantane, Viorne mancienne, Viburnum lantana

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VIORNE LANTANE, VIORNE Mancienne, Viburnum Lantana |

Viburnum Lantana, VIORNE LANTANE Listen, Lantane, VIORNE Mancienne, Mancienne or Cochène, Flexible viorne, is a shrub 4 to 5 meters high.

10 seeds - cold stratification 3/4 months before sowing

Its leaves Caduque opposite of 6-13 CM long and 4-9 cm wide are finely toothed, with smooth and shiny and lower gray flour.

The Flowers 5 mm white-cream form in April-June Inflorescences in Corymbes dense, shortly pedunculated.

The fruits 8 mm long are Bays Red oval and then black at maturity containing only one Graine ; It is common to observe yellow, red and black fruits on the same infruutes, because the fruits do not ripen at the same speed.

It is a clear wood plant and brush on limestone soil not exceeding 1 600 m. Until the 1940s, the very flexible stems of this shrub called Puugne in Picard du Beauvaisis, were used to make links for the fagots and the thatch of the roofs1.

Phlyctidobia Solmsii is a diptere insect which causes Wales on the leaves of the Lantane viorne.

The fruits (red then black when ripe) are toxic. They cause oral irritation and gastric disorders.[citation nécessaire]

La Viorne Lantane, by its white flowers and its red fruits is very decorative, but it gives off an unpleasant odor of excrement, which limits its use (even its dry wood is recognizable by its smell when sawing it).

It is often used as ornamental plant for its flowers and bays. VIORNE pushes better on an alkaline soil. There are different Cultivars includingAureum which gives yellow leaves in the spring.

The wall (black) at the end of summer has a " delicate prune taste " but it should not be abused, because absorbed in large quantities, it can cause vomiting and is laxative (Diarrhea).
the can be consumed in jam, but its nucleus and its small amount of pulp do not promote this use2.

Young branches and shoots, of light brown, flexible, are used in Vannerie3.They also used to make links3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article VIORNE LANTANE by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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