30 Graines Mauve crépue, Mauve Chinoise, Malva verticillata

30 Graines Mauve crépue, Mauve Chinoise, Malva verticillata

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Mauve Crépue, Chinese Mauve, Malva Verticillata |

The Mauve Crépue, also called Mauve Verticillée, Mauve Chinese or Mauve Frisée (Malva Verticillata L.) , is a species of herbaceous plant from the Malvaceae family .

Like all ill -malated, it is a edible plant. It is also a medicinal plant, especially used by traditional Chinese medicine for more than two millennia (before Han dynasty).

30 Seeds

A study Ethnobotanique of 1984) on the daily domestic uses of plants in Bagnes in France quotes this plant (called Grôsa Motëta ("Grande Mauve" in patois Local) as being "A 31] softening ; with herbal tea, we make baths or compresses for sprains, infections, cows' footaches (abscesses, etc.) ; on the inflowers (also those of cattle), we put compresses of mauve and chamomile ; the herbal tea is also administered in injection »3.

Generally used in herbal tea, it is a depurative plant, softening the stools, even laxative and therefore indicated for constipated or capricious transit (excluding pregnant women and young children) ; It is deemed to clean the emunctory (liver, kidneys, intestines) and drain the organism by promoting the elimination of its toxins ; She can prepare the body to lose weight in a healthy body

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Malva Verticillata from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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