10 Graines Raisin d'ours, Busserole, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

10 Graines Raisin d'ours, Busserole, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

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Bear grapes, buns, arctostaphylos uva-orsi |

Arctostaphylos Uva-Usi, Busseroleus or Bear grapes, is a species of Plants Dicotyledons of Family of Ericaceae, Subfamille of Arbutoideae, originally fromnorthern hemisphere. This species is widespread in circumpolar region and at lower latitudes atSubalpine floor of various mountains (Alps, Himalayas, Appalachians, Rocky). It is a Sub-Arbrisseau, in Port Rampant, often increasing in the form of cushions. He has Leaves Corior persistent, small flowers in white or pink bells and false berries (polysperm drupes) with maturity.

10 seeds - Average germination: 40% - Hot stratification 4 months then Cold stratification 2/3 months before sowing

Busseroleus is a medicinal plant traditionally used for the treatment of moderate disorders of urinary tract and bladder, such as Cystite,Uretrite and Dysuria. This traditional use is made in various pharmacopoeia, but is not supported by clinical data.

Arctostaphylos-Uva-àrsi is a sub-armrisseau, Localux, in Port prostré, which produces many dragging, creeping or hanging stems10. These stems measure from 50 CM one meter long, but can reach up to 2 meters in length6. The plant grows by forming cushion tufts from 15 at 30 cm high. Thebark is fine and easily exfoliated. It is a colonizing a ground cover. The leaves, simple, alternate, thick and tough, persistent, from around 7 to 30 mm long out of 5 at 12 mm Large10,11, are carried by a short Petiole. The Limbe Oval-Oblong, whole, obtuse at the top, has a partially curved smooth edge. The upper side is dark and shiny green while the underside is paler. A network of finely reticulated ribs is visible on both sides11. The leaves, sometimes marked with a slight notch towards the summit, evoke those of the boxwood, hence the common name of " Busserool "12. Young leaves are more or less ciliated-laine on the edge of the limb6.

The species is classified with the status " LC " (Species of minor concern) in the European red list of endangered species and in the Red List of the Vascular Flora of Metropolitan France22.

The bussert sheet (UVAE URSI Folium of its Latin name) is a plant drug traditionally used for the treatment of urinary tracts40. It is registered in particular in the European pharmacopoeia28, in the list of monographs of Commission E (Germany)41, as well as 'American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (under the name ofUva Ursi Leaf)42.

  • Properties : Diuretics by its tannin, astringent, antitluhiasis, antiphlogistic by its glucosids.
  • Part used : leaf

Arbutin and Methylarbutin are normally intact by the kidney while they are transformed into Hydroquinone, which exerts a sedative and antiphlogistic action, In case of disease making alkaline urine. The busian is known since the Middle Ages for its action as a natural diuretic and antiseptic of the urinary tract in the event of cystitis, enuresis, incontinence.

The business is excellent to eliminateUrée. In addition, this plant is a powerful antiseptic urinary and intestinal because its leaves are rich in arbutine. Arbutine was shown to kill urine bacteria such asEscherichia coli and Staphylococcus Aureus43. In urinary problems, it can be associated with Bruyère. It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day during businesse treatments44.

  • In decoction a tablespoon or two per 1/4 liter of water or rather in infusion : a handful for a liter of boiling water, let infuse 15 minutes. Drink in 24 hours.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Arctostaphylos Uva-Usi by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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