5 Graines Arbre à orchidées, Bauhinia purpurea

5 Graines Arbre à orchidées, Bauhinia purpurea

  • Product Code: 5 Graines Arbre à orchidées, कचनार, Bauhinia variegata
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Orchid shaft, Bauhinia Purpurea |

Orchid tree, Bauhinia Purpurea is a relatively compact tree but which develops fairly quickly which has very beautiful pink flowers scented with five petals resembling orchids. The branches are covered with large bilobed leaves, it is from southern China and Southeast Asia. Although this tree can tolerate light frosts, it is also doing well in a greenhouse. Easy to cultivate from seeds, it is commonly used in traditional medicine systems to treat various conditions.

5 seeds - Average germination: 30% - LSoak the seeds in lukewarm water 24/48 h before sowing

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