20 Graines Vigne, Vitis vinifera

20 Graines Vigne, Vitis vinifera

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Vitis vinifera, the cultivated vine or vine, is a species of plants dicotyledons of the family of vitaceae, Subfamille of Vituideae, originally from a temperate region ofOld World going from the south-east of theEurope at Caucase andCentral Asia, but now cultivated in all continents (with the exception of Antarctica). These are Arbrisseaux Sarmenteux, climbing clinging to their supports by Vrilles, whose stems can reach six meters long.

20 seeds

The species is cultivated for its fruit in clusters, the grape, which is either consumed fresh as Table grapes, or dried like , or fermented to produce wine. Main species of vine cultivated in Europe and in the world, it is at the origin of many grape varieties of tank (Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot, Sauvignon, etc.) or table.

This is the species that provides the most appreciated punch of grapes, intended for the manufacture of wine.

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