10 Graines Cerisier de Mandchourie, Prunus maackii

10 Graines Cerisier de Mandchourie, Prunus maackii

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Cherry of Manchuria, prunus maackii |

Prunus maackii , commonly called cherry of Manchuria or cherry of love , is a kind of cherry from Korea and of the two banks of the Love River , in Manchuria in the North -Sest of China , and in the Oblast of Love and The Primorye in the south-east of Russia . [1] [2] It was once considered as a kind of prunus Subg. Padus , but morphological and molecular studies indicate that it belongs to Prunus Subg. Cerase . [3] [4]

10 seeds 

Bark on a cultivated plant

It is a tree with Leaves Caduques reaching 4 to 10 m high. The Bark of young trees is very distinct, smooth, brilliant bronze yellow, but becomes cracked and dull dark gray with age. The Leaves are alternate, oval, 4–8 cm long and 2.8–5 cm wide, with a pubescent petiole of 1–1.5 cm and an entire or very fine margin toothed; They are dark green on it, slightly paler and pubescent on the ribs below. The flowers are produced on erected ears of 5 to 7 cm long, each flower 8 to 10 mm in diameter, with five white petals. The Fruit is a small Drupe resembling a cherry5–7 mm in diameter, first green, first turning red then with dark purple or black at maturity. Flowering takes place in the middle of spring, the fruits ripening from the beginning of summer to early fall.  [1] [Il a été nommé d'après Richard Karlovich Maack (1825-1886) qui l'a découvert, et décrit par Ruprecht dans Bull. Cl. Phys.-Math. Acad. Lutin. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg 15 : 361 (1857). [2] [6]

It is cultivated as Ornament tree in the north of Europe and in North America , mainly for its decorative bark. He prefers the sun and the wet (but drained) soils and tolerates the harsh winter cold, but not the heat. The fruit was used in the manufacture of juice, jelly and jam. [5] [6] [7] Culture specimens were measured 17 m high and 90 cm in diameter of trunk. [8] [9]


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