10 Graines Catalpa de Caroline, Catalpa bignonioides

10 Graines Catalpa de Caroline, Catalpa bignonioides

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Catoline catoline, catpa bignonioides |

Cataline Cataline, Catalpa Bignonioides is a large tree with deciduous leaves from North America. It is frequently used as an ornamental tree in temperate environments.

20 seeds - Average germination: 50%

Catalpa bignonioides, common names bean tree, CataPa Boule or Common cata, is a species D 'Trees with large deciduous leaves, originally fromNorth America, often planted as Ornement tree in Temperate Climats, from Family of Bignoniaceae and Du Genre Catapa.

Originally from the south-eastern United States, it is especially present in the states of Mississippi and Georgie2. It is also found in Alabama, in Florida and in Louisiana. It is one of the few trees that has kept the name of his country of origin. It was introduced in Europe in 1726.

He appreciates fertile, warm and sheltered soils. It is thus found in the forests Cadifoliés near rivers2. It grows in the sun. It resists pollution.

In general, the tree reaches a maximum of a size of 15 meters. At twenty, he can already reach 7 to 8 meters high. He rejects the strain and then gives vigorous cepées. Its trunk is covered with a bark in pearls2.

Its deciduous foliage is green. The leaves verticled by 2-3 are ovées, 10 to 25 long CM and give off an unpleasant odor when they are offended2.

The flowers from 3 to 4 CM in diameter are slightly colored with yellow and purple. They are arranged in Panicles drawn up and appear in July2.

The fruit, which matures in October, is a cylindrical capsule 20 to 40 CM long, resembling a pod or a long and end cigar ( Hence its nickname of cigars). The seeds enclosed in the capsule are about 2.5 cm long2.

The species supports all types of soil with a preference for light, fresh and well -drained floors. It is rustic and supports temperatures descending to −20 ° C.

The Catalpa asks to be watered throughout the year after planting, but does not require any particular size3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Catalpa Bignonioides by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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