15 Graines Pin sylvestre, Pin de Riga, Pinus sylvestris

15 Graines Pin sylvestre, Pin de Riga, Pinus sylvestris

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Sylvestre pine, Riga Pin, Pinus Sylvestris |

PIN Sylvestre (Pinus Sylvestris) is a species d 'trees of the family of pinaceae originating in 'Europe Middle and northern, fromAsia from the North to Siberia Eastern, as well as mountains from the North of the Middle East. It is an ecological and climatic amplitude species, in particular one of the most important in the Boreal Forest of Eurasia. Its wood, when it comes from Northern Europe or Russia, is often marketed under the name " Northern Pin ". The former current appellation before XXe century was that of " Pin de Riga .

15 seeds - direct sowing at 15 ° C

It is a slender tree with a long naked trunk, whose longevity is generally 150 to 200 years but which can exceptionally live more than 600 years1. It can reach 40 meters high but does not exceed most of the time 25 meters. It is recognized in particular by the orange color with yellowish gray in the upper part of the Houppier de Son Bark, in the upper part of the trunk of the adult tree, the rhytidomas becoming gray in aging2.

The stem of the young Sylvestre pine is first green and then gradually becomes light brown. The Winter Buds are oval or ovoid and are 15 millimeter long. They are red-brown and contain little or no Resin2.

The Leaves are Aiguilles of fairly short to average size, making 4 to 7 CM of length on adult trees and often a little more on young specimens. They are grouped by lots of two (" géminés ") with a sheath common to their base. These needles are quite thick and bluish green or grayish green in color, and are typically twisted2. At the microscopic level, the needle consists of a thin hypoderm, resin vessels and two vascular beams.

The buds, and sometimes the resin, are used for their diuretics, balsamic properties[réf. nécessaire], Expectorants and Antiseptiques bronchial3. They are used in the form of essence,essential oil, or even Decoction, in particular to produce syrups or pastilles against cough13. The essential oil of Sylvestre Pine is toned and hypertensive, and recognized since Hippocrates and Greek Antiquity to treat the patients ofrespiratory system3. By Dispressing dry, it gives essential oils widely used against Calvitie.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article PIN Sylvestre by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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