30 Graines Menthe Pouliot, Mentha pulegium

30 Graines Menthe Pouliot, Mentha pulegium

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Mint Pouliot, Saint-Laurent Herb, Mentha Pulegium | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Mint Pouliot, Saint-Laurent Herb, Mentha Pulegium 

30 seeds

The Menthe Pouliot or Pouliot (Mentha Pulegium L.) is a herbaceous plant of the Lamiacae family (Labiés), originally fromEurope, North Africa and Temperate Asia. Known since European Antiquity as Medicinal Plant, it was not attached to the Mints as in the modern era.

After being highly estimated until Renaissance, its consumption even in the form ofInfusion, is now not recommended due to the presence of a very hepatotoxic component, the Pulégone, can sometimes be present in a high concentration1.

  • In Portugal, the Poejo Liqueur, from the Alentejo region, is based on Mint Pouliot. This plant is also widely used in Portuguese cuisine as a condiment plant for its very aromatic leaves.
  • In Morocco, Mint Pouliot, more commonly known as " Flio ", often accompanies classic mint in the no less famous but very popular mint tea. In autumn or winter, absinthe more commonly called " Chiba " is substituted for Mint Pouliot to accompany mint tea.
  • In Algeria, the Pouliot enters a number of dishes. The RFISS is a sweet dish based on a crumbled pancake ; A variety, the RFiss El Aachab, translated by " RFiss with herbs ", is prepared with a wide variety of herbs and plants like the Pouliot or the Oregano.
Batata Fliou, a traditional Algerian dish from the region of Blida, is a pouliot mint potato stew, as well as Serdine Bel Fliou (sardines at the Mint Pouliot). We can also cite : Tikourine (semolina dumpling), MDECHA (soup).
  • In Italy and Spain, widely used for making candy
  • In Spain, we flavor a soup (Gazpacho de Invierno) and the snails. It is also used in Sicily, Sardinia, Bosnia and Turkey31.
  • In Iran, it is used to flavor the national drink Dough.
  • It is a Meliferous plant, very visited by bees for its nectar.

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