10 Graines Goyavier, Goyave, Psidium Guajava

10 Graines Goyavier, Goyave, Psidium Guajava

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The Goyavier (Psidium Guajava) is a species offruit tree of the family of Myrtaceae, originally from the tropical regions ofAmerica. It is a small often tortuous tree, with bark designed by opposite plates and leaves. White flowers give fleshy, edible fruits, named Goyaves. The tree is an ubiquitous ruderal, cultivated for its fruit1. It can be invasive.

10 seeds 

At Reunion It is called Goyave and French Antilles, it is well called Gwayav (Créole Gwayav) The fruit of Goyave's foot (Creole Pyé Gwayav), that is to say of the tree from which this article deals with, but the term Goyavier designates the fruit of the Goyavier's foot That is to say of Psidium Cattleianum or P. Littoral, known elsewhere under the name of Goyavier de China (although it is from Brazil) or Goyavier Fraise.

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