10 Graines Épicéa de Serbie, Picea omorika

10 Graines Épicéa de Serbie, Picea omorika

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Epricéa of Serbia, Picea Omorika |

Theepicéa de Serbia (Picea Omorika), in Serbian Cyrillique Панчићева оморика and in Serbian Translitéré Pančićeva Omorika, is A species ofepicéa endemic to a small region of Balkans.

10 seeds Average germination: 60% - Sowing direct

It is a medium -sized persistent tree measuring 20 to 35 m in height, exceptionally 40 m high1. Its silhouette is very narrow compared to that of thecommon spruce2. Its trunk has a scaly and brownish bark1 reaches a diameter of more than 1 m. The shoots are yellow ocher in color, and strongly pubescent (tombings). The leaves are in the shape of a needle, 10 to 20 mm long, flattened, dark blue-green on the top, having two white strips of Stomata white on the bottom1. The 4 to 7 cm long cones1, Fusiforms (Toupie -shaped, wider in the middle), dark purple (almost black) at the juvenile stage, evolving towards dark brown 5 to 7 months after pollination, and have rigid scales.

Apart from its natural distribution area, Serbia spruce is widely used in horticulture as an ornamental tree in the gardens1, appreciated in Europe and in North America For its fairly moderate dimensions and its silhouette, for its ability to push on a wide range of floors (that is to say limestone or acidic and sandy or clay), and its best resistance to drought than other spruces under Plaine climates, although it prefers a wet and well -drained soil. It is also cultivated in small quantities in forestry to be used as a Christmas tree and for the production of wood and paper, particularly in northern Europe, although its slow growth makes it a much lower essence in culture than theEpricéa de Sitka or theCommon spruce.
 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Picea Omorika by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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