5 Graines Caféier d'Arabie nain, Coffea arabica nana

5 Graines Caféier d'Arabie nain, Coffea arabica nana

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Dwarf Arabia coffeeier, Coffea Arabica Nana |

Dwarf Arabia coffeeier, Coffea Arabica Nana

5 Seeds - Dress Les Graines 24 H in L'Water before SEMIS to 25°C Night, 30 ° C Days - Average germination: 60 %

The Coffeeier ofArabia (Coffea Arabica) is a shrub of the Rubiaceae, cultivated to produce the Arabica coffee beans.

Other common names : Café Arabica, coffeeier.

Arabia coffee is a small tree of less than 9 M high, which appreciates the shadow of larger trees. The persistent , brilliant green, elliptical green leaves have a short short . The suave white flowers are grouped in glomerules from 3 to 7 on the axils of the leaves. Their Corolle Gamopetal is in the form of a 4 or 5 lobes tube. The fruit are Bays, called " Cerises ", in bright or purple in color at maturity, whose pulp is sweet. They contain two Seeds, placed face to face, with the characteristic form of the grains of Café.

Unlike other species of the genus Coffea, which are diploids, Coffea Arabica is tetraploid, that is to say that each cell has a total of 44 (4 × 11) chromosomes instead of 22 (2 × 11).

The seeds roasted of this plant, known as Café, are used to prepare the drink of the same name. There are several species in the genus Coffea capable of giving the drink, but Coffea Arabica is generally the most appreciated by connoisseurs. Its most important rival is the Robusta coffee: easier to cultivate and therefore cheaper, offering better yield and a rates of caffeine much more important (250 MG of caffeine by cup of Robusta, 100 MG forArabica), it is widely used in mixture and now represents 35 % of World production, against 25 % in the 1980s12.

In France, Arabicas represent around 50 % of Green coffee imports in 200813.

Outside Europe, the sheets of coffee is also used in infusion14.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Coffea Arabica by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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