10 Graines Jujubier, Dattier chinois, Sidr, Ziziphus jujuba

10 Graines Jujubier, Dattier chinois, Sidr, Ziziphus jujuba

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Jujube, Chinese date, sidr, ziziphus jujuba |

The Jujubiers are trees of Genre Ziziphus, from the Rhamnaceae, originating in the tropical and subtropical countries of the countries 'Old and new world. There are a hundred species, often thorny, some produce fruit, Jujubes.

10 Seeds - soak 24 hours in the water, direct sowing at 20 ° C

The variety " Dadier Chinese " is, as its name suggests, originating in eastern China. Very resistant to drought and diseases, it is widespread in the arid areas of the Middle East, around the Mediterranean basin and even in the southwest of the United States.

The jujube tree is a tree of the size of the olive tree, with plane, harsh and crevassed bark, with ample, unequal branch, equipped with thorns. Its leaves are alternate, often three or five ribs, hard, shiny, serrated on the edges ; Their often thorny stipules.

The Flowers come out of the armpits of Leaves three to three, or four to four. The fruit is a edible bay the size of an olive, first greenish, then yellowish, finally reddish rust with whitish, soft, fungus, of a soft and vinous flavor. The nucleus is oblong, gravelly, very hard, and contains two lenticular almonds, one of which is most often.

Rich in vitamins A, C, in iron and calcium, Jujube enters the composition of pectoral herbal teas and the making of pasta to calm cough1.

The nucleus is used to make an oil used in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties.

Les Larves of some Mouches of the genre Carpomy, in particular Carpomy Vesuviana (Family of Tephritidae), have for Compulsory host jujube fruit, and can become agricultural pests with serious consequences2.

JUJUBIER wood is traditionally used in Catalan countries for the bill of several instruments used in COBLA, including Flabiol, the Tible and the Tenora3. It was also used to make ankles of violin or castanets1.

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