5 Graines Cèdre de l'Atlas, Cèdre bleu, Cedrus atlantica

5 Graines Cèdre de l'Atlas, Cèdre bleu, Cedrus atlantica

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Atlas cedar, blue cedar, Cedrus Atlantica |

The Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica, Synonym Cedrus Lebani Subp. Atlantica1) is a species d 'trees conifers of the family of pinaceae formerly considered as a subspecies of cedar of Lebanon. He is fromAtlas, mountain range from North Africa. In its natural area, in Morocco and in Algeria, it is considered in danger by the IUCN. Majestic tree, it has been planted in many parks.

5 seeds - Cold stratification 30 days before sowing, ideal temperature of sowing 14/16 ° C

Also called blue cedar or silver cedar, the Atlas cedar is a majestic and imposing shaft of up to 30 to 40 meters ; its Port, although often presenting a tabular summary in adulthood, is more long than that of Cedrus Lebani ; Its longevity is important (500-600 years, sometimes much more under the favorable conditions)[précision nécessaire].

It is distinguished from other species of cedars by its erect branches, its short -stoods (2 or 2.5 cm in general2), little sharp and persistent.

Anthnesis takes place at the beginning of autumn.

The cones females are reddish yellow and have a flattened summit. They are smaller on average than those of the Cedar of Lebanon : they measure 5 to 7 cm in length against 8 to 10 cm2. Their scales are lined with a brown border. They need 3 years to mature. They contain triangular seeds fitted with a 20 mm wing.

The Atlas cedar supports all types of soil provided that it is well drained. It does not bear the windy exhibitions and spring gels. In non -humid zone, it supports, once well installed, temperatures descending up to -25 ° C as well as summer drought. Water the young subjects during strong droughts. Better to multiply it by sowing because the species does not like transplants.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article CEDRUS ATLANTICA of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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