20 Graines Houblon grimpant, Humulus Lupulus

20 Graines Houblon grimpant, Humulus Lupulus

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Climbing hop, Humulus lupulus |

Climbing hop, Humulus lupulus - Medium germination: 60% -  Sowing: Put in cold water for 48 hours before planting.

20 seeds

Humulus lupulusHoublon or Houblon climbing, is a  of Plants Dicotyledons of Family of Cannabaceae, originally from the northern hemisphere (circomboreal distribution). It is a herbaceous plant VIVACE Climbing which is cultivated for its " cones " containing secondary metabolites used mainly in Brasserie.

The Generic Name, " Humulus ", would derive from Humus, rich organic matter, name adopted by Linné " probably because this plant s 'Extends all over the earth (Humus), when his stem does not find support ”4 ,5. However according to Auguste Chevalier, the name " Humulus " would be derived from Humle, Swedish name of Houblon6.

Thespecific epithet, " lupulus ", is a term Latin, diminutive of lupus (the wolf), term adopted by various Authors before Linné, including Tournefort (Elements of botany, 1694)7Pliny the old quotes in his Natural History a plant which he calls " Lupus Salictarius6 ", which he thus describes : " When the plant develops among the wickers, it strangles them by climbing with its light embraces, as the wolf makes a sheep "5. This plant was assimilated to the hop by modern authors. This Latin name of the hops gave Luppolo in ItalianLúpulo in SpanishPortuguese and Galicien, or even LLúpol in Catalan.

The French name, " Houblon ", is attested in 1407 in the form " Houbelon ", then " Houblon " in 1444. It would be derived from the Former substantive " Hoppe " (Hop beer) in use since 1391 in the Northern Parlers and in Wallon8.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Houblon by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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