10 Graines Nerprun cathartique, Rhamnus catharticus

10 Graines Nerprun cathartique, Rhamnus catharticus

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Cathartic Nerprun, Rhamnus Catharticus |

The Nerprun Purgative, Cathartic Nerprun or Nerprun Officinal (Rhamnus Cathartica), is one of the few Species of Nerprun that can naturally be found in Europe while most of the hundreds of nervous species are tropical or subtropical.

10 seeds

The purgative nervous is a frying shrub two to five meters high. It is a plant Dioic or Polygame, with a smooth, gray-brown bark. Gray branches are often finished with a thorn3.

The leaves are Caduques, almost opposite, elliptics with oval, from 2.5 to 9 CM long and 1.2 to 3.5 CM wide, finely toothed, with very apparent, green ribs turning yellow in the fall.

The green-yellow flowers, with four petals, are gathered in clusters by five to ten. They are unisexual and pollinated by insects.

The fruit, from 6 to 10 MM of diameter, is a Drupe black which contains four seeds. In sufficient quantity, it is a poison for humans, but it is appreciated by many birds which sow the seeds in their droppings4.

It is an essence Bushy, often introduced into ornamental hedges.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Rhamnus Cathartica by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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