5 Graines Ipomée blanche, Fleur de lune, Ipomoea alba

5 Graines Ipomée blanche, Fleur de lune, Ipomoea alba

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White iPomée, Flower of the Moon, Ipomoea Alba |

Ipomoea alba, thewhite iPomée, also called Fleur de moon because of its night flowering, is a species of Plants of Family of Convolvuleae, originally from the tropical regions of America, naturalized in most tropical countries.

Present in the French Antilles where it is known as Belle de Nuit, Gég Lannuit, Lyann Blan Bòd Lanmè, Lyann Dous4. In metropolitan France, the term of Belle-de-Nuit is the vernacular name of Mirabilis Jalapa of the family of NYCTAGINACEAE.

10 seeds

Ipomoea alba is a perennial liana, pushing to heights ranging from 5 to 30 M, with stems usually glabrous, smooth or with short, fleshy spit4,5. The sap is milky. The leaf, carried by a petiole of 5–20 CM, has a large limb, with Sinus en U Éclassé, from 10–20 CM long on 8–15 CM Large, oval, Cordée base, whole margin sometimes trilobed, acuminate apex. Inflorescence, shorter than the sheet, carried by a peduncle of 1–24 CM, with two large white bracts, decidues, carrying 2 to 3 flowers in CymesFlowers open at the start of the night and remain open all night ; They emit a sweet perfume. The Calice is made up of sepales engaging the tube of the corolla. The Corolle of a pure white is carried by a long tube of 8–10 CM, very narrow, green, and has a limb of 7–12 CM Diameter, at 5 Cuspidated Light green angles. The fruit is a capsule, conical, with the very increased sepales.IPOMOEA ALBA pushes in humid forests, in disturbed areas. Originally from tropical America, it was propagated everywhere in the tropics where it has naturalized itself. It is present in China, Indonesia, Japan (Ryükyü islands) Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pacific islands.It is also cultivated for ornament.

The peoples Azteques, Mayas and Olmèques in Mesoameric, made balls in Rubber To play a Ritual ball game, known as Ulama in Nahuatl. This rubber was taken from the latex of Castilla Elastica, a tree from the family of Moraceae native in the Mesoamican region and not of the Hévéa (Hevea Brasiliensis), originally fromAmazonia. To increase elasticity, we mixed the sap of Castilla Elastica with the SUC of the white iPomée allowing a sort of vulcanization before the letter.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article IPOMOEA ALBA from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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