10 Graines Arbre de Judée Cercis siliquastrum

10 Graines Arbre de Judée Cercis siliquastrum

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Silicastre gainer, Juda tree, Circis Siliquastrum |

TheJudea tree (Cercis Siliquastrum), or Gainier silicastre, is a species d 'Trees of the family of Fabaceae (Formerly of Caesalpiniaceae), subfamily of Caesalpinioidea and genre CARCIS. Its foliage is deciduous and it is from southernEurope and westernAsia.

According to legend, it is to this tree that Judas would have hanged itself after having betrayed Jesus Christ.

10 seeds  -  The seeds are immersed at a temperature of 60 ° C. Soak the seeds in this water which will gradually cool for 48 hours. Sow at 18ºC/20ºC. Rusticity: - 25 ° C

The tree Hermaphrodite can measure up to 10 meters high. His bark is first gray then turns black. Its port is tortuous with a flattened summit. Branched from the base. The sharp and grouped buds go away from the branch when they give flowers.

The leavesare round, cordiforms at the base, glabrous and not toothed. The upper side is pale and matte green, and the lower gloomy side. The leaf has a long petiole.

The Flowers bright purple pink appear in April-May before the leaves. They are sessiles in bundles grouped on the branches and even on the trunk.

The Fruit is a Pod flattened, fruit characteristic of legumes. This pod contains a dozen dissemination seeds Barochore highly appreciated by the Blue Title and the Charbonnière Matage.

It is a tree Sciaphile with a naturally spread out on the Matorrals Mediterranean. It is rustic but fears late frosts. He prefers limestone and dry land, and tolerates compacted floors, making it a tree well suited to the urban environment6.

Young subjects are fragile during the first 3 years where we will take care to water them in summer and mulch them in winter. Once installed, this tree is very suitable for drought. Like all legumes, he can be satisfied with poor soils because he himself produces the nitrogen he needs.

Its growth is rapid the first years and then slows down.

It reproduces by sowing or cutting and flowers after 5 to 6 years. We must favor the planting of young subjects because the oldest do not bear to be transplanted.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Tree of Judea of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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