3 Graines Pin-coussin Hakea

3 Graines Pin-coussin Hakea

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Hakea cushion pine, Hakea Laurina |

Hakea pine, Hakea Laurina. 

5 Seeds - Average germination: 75 % 

Hakea Laurina is a Plant Bushy from Genre Hakea from southwest ofAustralia-Western and which is widely cultivated and appreciated.

The specific epithet, derived from Latin Laurus comes from the resemblance of its leaves with those of Lauriers.

Hakea Laurina is a shrub reaching a height between 2.5 and 6 meters. It does not have a LINNONTUBER. It is often found in the sandy plains, sometimes sandy, most specimens being found in the southern part of its habitat area.

The flowers are first pale or creamy, sometimes hidden by the leaves in its first stages of development and they are covered by scales bracts before the opening. They are then dark pink flowers with a globular center, grouped in the axils of the leaves and from which the white styles come out. The flower looks like a ball of pins. They are producing a nectar and a light fragrance. The flowering period goes from April to August.

The leaves are simple and blue-green, they are flat, glabrous, with an entire edge, obovals or lanceolate, ending in a sharp point. The leaves are of variable size on the same plant, they can range from 6 to 29 mm wide and reach 180 mm in length. The foliage is dense and alternate on the small branches; In some forms it can be during and touch the ground.

The bark is gray and smooth. The remaining fruits on the tree are ovoid, a little pointed at the end and have a smooth surface.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Hakea Laurina from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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