20 Graines Figuier des banyans, Ficus benghalensis

20 Graines Figuier des banyans, Ficus benghalensis

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Banyans figure, ficus benghalensis |

The Figuier des Banians or Banian of India, is a tree belonging to Genre Ficus of the family of Moraceae. He owes his name to the caste of merchants, the Banians. English spelling Banyan is often used.

20 seeds -  Non -rustic, minimum temperature 10 ° C - Direct sowing at 25 ° C - very low germination rate 

It is a species close to Figuier which can develop in giant trees that can cover several hectares. It may have up to 350 large trunks and 3 000 Petits (cf. Banian de Howrah). He is fromIndiaPakistan and Sri Lanka, but was also imported into other regions of the world. The first banian of United States was planted by Thomas Edison at Fort Myers in Florida.

The Banian begins like Epiphyte from another tree, where a fig figure bird deposits the seed. It emits Aerial roots from the branches, which develop in full stems once they touch the ground, which allows the tree to spread in a large sector. This species is one of the Foregrowers.

The biggest fig tree of the banians - the " Grand Banian " - is at Botanical Garden from Howrah, near Calcutta inA 61] India. Its circumference is 412 M, or 131 M in diameter. This species can also develop from the ground as ordinary trees.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Figuier des Banians by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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