30 Graines Pin Australien, Casuarina Cunninghamiana

30 Graines Pin Australien, Casuarina Cunninghamiana

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Australian Pin, Casuarina Cunninghamiana |

Australian Pin, Casuarina Cunninghamiana.

30 seeds - Average germination: 20% - Bonsai: Yes

Casuarina cunninghamiana, Australian pine2, is a species of Plants Dicotyledons of the family of casuarinaceae, origin Australian. These are trees up to 35 meters high.

The species is Dioic (male flowers and female flowers on separate feet). It is considered invasive in certain regions.

A specimen of Casuarina Cunninghamiana, located in the landingll inAlictim (Portugal), is classified as a " Tree of public interest "3 Since 1999.

Casuarina cunninghamiana is an attractive tree, with persistent leaves in the shape of fine green-graywasters, which can reach 35 meters high by 10 meters wide4,5. The trunk, generally drawn up, has a rough and dense bark . The flowers are brown-reddish in the male and red in the female4. The trunk, generally erected, has a rough and dense bark. The cones, about 10 mm long, are small, almost round to elongated4.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Casuarina Cunninghamiana from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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BIDGEE, CC by-SA 2.5 at <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/au/deed.en>, via Wikimedia Commons

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