5 Graines Pistachier de Chine, 黄連木, Pistacia chinensis

5 Graines Pistachier de Chine, 黄連木, Pistacia chinensis

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Chinese pistachio, 黄連木, Huángliánmù, pistacia chinensis |

Pistacia chinensis , the Chinese pistachio ( Chinese :黄連木; Pinyin : Huángliánmù ), is A small to small tree to average Genre Pistacia of theFamily cashews Anacardiaceae , originally from the center and west of the China . [3] This species is planted as a street tree in temperate regions around the world due to its attractive fruits and its fall foliage.

5 Seeds

It is rustic , can resist difficult conditions and poor quality soils, and grows up to 20 m (66 ft). The leaves are Caduques , alternate, Pennées , 20–25 cm long, at 10 or 12 leaflets, terminal leaflets being generally absent. Flowers are produced in Panicles of 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in) long at the ends of the branches; It is Dioic , with separate male and female plants. The fruit is a small Drupe red, turning blue at maturity, containing only one Graine.

It is a popular choice for street trees in an urban environment because it is very tolerant of drought and can survive in difficult environments. It is also used as a rootstock for Pistacia Vera . [4] In China, seed oil is used for the production of biodiesel. Wood is used for the production of furniture and gives a yellow dye. [3]

It is also used in the design of classic Chinese gardens .


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