20 Graines Pittospore à petites feuilles,Pittosporum tenuifolium

20 Graines Pittospore à petites feuilles,Pittosporum tenuifolium

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Pittospore with small leaves, Pittosporum tenuifolium |

Pittosporum tenuifolium, the Pittospore from New Zealand2, is a species of Flower plants of Family  Pittosporaceae and Du Genre Pittosporum. It is a shrub to persistent leaves, Endemic of New ZealandTenuifolium means " with thin leaves ", from Tenui - Mince, and Folium - Leaf. Also called Pittospore with small leaves. Commonly called Kōhūhū and Black Matipo, and by other names Maoris Kohukohu and Tawhiwhi.

20 Seeds - Cold stratification for 2 months, sowing at 20 ° C - Rusticity: - 10 ° C

This species has compact antlers, measures up to 10 M.

Son trunk is slim (30 at 40 CM in diameter) with a marbled dark gray bark which blackens then gradually blushes towards the end of the branches 3. The Racinaire system is shallow and spread4.

SA Leaf oval silver satin, margin wavy, to a petiole short, measure up to 4 cm.

Its flowering takes place in the spring. SA Fleur is purple to purplish about 1 CM5 rarely yellow. Flowers develop from side buds, individually or in tufts, and can be hermaphroditis or only male. The flowers are filled with Nectar and give off a scent of honey at night, the perfume being more obvious in slightly damp conditions. The latter attracts Mites and other flying insects at night, which probably help Pollinization.

Its fruit is a capsule6. The fruit is covered with a small layer of hair at the start of maturation, which gradually disappears at maturity. The maturation of the fruit takes place between the middle of summer and fall7. This capsule shrinks, hardens and becomes almost black, dividing into two or three segments when it is ripe. Inside are black seeds , locked up in a very sticky substance. The sticky character of the seeds is likely to help the dispersion of the seeds.

It is an ornamental plant in hedge and blackout. He is sometimes cultivated under the name of cultivar ‘nigricans’, so called because of his black stems. In horticulture, it is appreciated for its colorful foliage (cultivated variations include purple, " silver leaves " and variegated).

Several Hybrids and Cultivars have been developed and Five varieties won the Price of the Merit of the Garden the Royal Horticultural Society.

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