5 Graines Cognassier du Japon, Chaenomeles japonica

5 Graines Cognassier du Japon, Chaenomeles japonica

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Japan cognass, Japanica chaenomeles |

The Cognassier of Japan (Chanomeles Japanica), is a kind of shrubs in the Rosaceae, Croissant in the Wild condition at Japan.

15 Seeds - stratification in cold weather for 3 months before sowing, ideal temperature sowing 15/18 ° C

In Europe (as in many regions of Asia and America), it is used as an ornamental shrub between February and April A magnificent bright red or pink flowering according to varieties . In Baltic countries, he is cultivated for his fruits.

In horticulture, the term " Cognassier of Japan " has a broader use than the only species Chanomeles Japanica (and its Cultivars) since it can designate The Chinese species Chaenomeles SPECIOSA and the various Hybrids between the three Chaenomeles Japanica, Speciosa and Cathayensis. The terms of " flower cognass " or " Ornamental Cognassier " are also used for these cultivars.

It is above all a ornamental shrub, which can be planted isolated, in an ornamental or defensive hedge as well as palm against a wall. It gives more flowers in the sun but supports mid-shade. Very rustic (up to −25 ° C), it accommodates all types of soil. Planted in the company of Forsythia, it gives the first days of spring a spectacular opposition of yellow and red tufts.

 Fruit are edible when cooked, used in jam or Liqueur. In Latvia7, The first important plantations of C. Japanica date from 1970. In 1993, plantations covered approximately 300 HA, With an average fruit production of 12-15 T/HA. The Lithuania also has some arboreal farms from Japan cognass.

Japan cognassiers are well suited to make bonsai. The little cultivar 'Hime' becomes quite branched from a young age and gives small intense red flowers.

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