10 Graines Cornouiller mâle, Cornus mas

10 Graines Cornouiller mâle, Cornus mas

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Cornwall male, cornus mas |

Cornwall male, cornus mas is a robust and branched shrub with bruise branches full of small yellow flowers in February, followed by edible bright red fruits resembling cherries.

10 seeds Average germination: 60% - Hot stratification 2-4 months then cold stratification 2-4 months before sowing 

The male dogwood is a rustic tree (USDA zone 5)5 Measuring up to 12 M high. Its longevity is more than 100 years, up to 300 years[réf. nécessaire].

He rejects strain and Drageonne

He populates clear forests, edges, frosties, hedges, coppice on limestone.

The male dogwood is entomogamous, its reproduction is carried out using pollinating insects6.

The Leaves Caduques from 4 to 10 CM Long on 2 to 4 CM Large are whole, opposite, slightly embossed, with a dark green reverse . They fall fairly early in autumn.

The flowers yellow are small (5 to 10 MM in diameter) and appear in February - Mars before the leaves7. This early flowering, before that of Forsythia, makes Cornwall an excellent Meliferous plant.

The Fruits, called Cornouilles are Drupes red from 15 to 35 MM long containing an elongated nucleus. They have a tangy taste, are edible8 and sometimes marketed. They will be consumed preferably chard like the Nèfles, for example when the fruits have just fallen on the ground. They have a taste recalling that of the Griotte.

Cornwall appreciates fresh and limestone soils. According to another source, he prefers dry and well -drained soils9

It supports size well and can be formed in hedge.

Fruiting is subject toalternation.

It is usually spread by Marketage or Bouture in Talon in autumn. The SENIS may require two years before lifting and then 8 to 10 years before fruitful, and does not guarantee loyalty to the original fruit.

The sowing of nuclei give the most beautiful subjects9.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Cornus Mas by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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