10 Graines Pistachier térébinthe, Pistacia terebinthus

10 Graines Pistachier térébinthe, Pistacia terebinthus

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Pistachier Térébinthe, Pistacia terebinus |

The Pistachier Térébinthe or Térébinthe (Pistacia Terebinthus L.), is a foliage with deciduous family of the Anacardiaceae pushing in the Garrigue and maquis, common throughout Mediterranean basin1. TheTérébensine Essence owes its name to it because the turpentine of Chio was originally made with exudates of this tree.

10 Seeds - Average germination: 70 % - Stratify the cold LES Seeds for 2 months before sowing

Photo: direct sowing without stratification, germination approx. 30 days, in greenhouse approx. 25 ° C days minimum

The Pistachier Térébinthe is a shrub of three to five meters, with leaves Caduques with very strong Resinous odor1. It is a tree Dioic, that is to say that certain feet only carry female flowers while others wear only male flowers. He can live more than 100 years.

Its hardwood is used in cabinetmaking and in Marquetry to carry out ornaments. It is yellowish white, sometimes mixed with greenish or reddish shades1. Aged, he brown.

Introduced to United States in 1854, it is used as Cartess for True Pistachier.

The terebinthe produces an oleoresin by the cracks of its bark. This resin solidifies in the air and gives the Térébensine of Chio, from the Greek island of Chios where the resin is exploited. It is quite hard, a greenish white and quite fragrant9. In Antiquity, Théophraste said of it " The best [résine] is that of the consistent terebinthe, of a perfume could not be more pleasant and subtle, but of a low yield ”(Rech. On plants4, IX, 2.2). It entered the composition of the Thériac. Like the putty obtained from the pistachio Lentisque, it can be used as antiseptic in medicine and can be chewed. It is also used to make varnish and treats.

The bark is burned as incense.

Térebinthe pistachier seeds are edible but sour. They can be used to produce a edible oil which serves as a condiment in the south of the Maghreb10. A variant of the Turkish coffee is prepared with these seeds, the Menengiç Kahvesi.

Wales extract a red substance used to dye the wool1.

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