Graines Ciste cotonneux, Ciste blanchâtre, Cistus albidus

Graines Ciste cotonneux, Ciste blanchâtre, Cistus albidus

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Cottony ciston, Cistus albidus, grey-leaved cistus |

The cottony ciston (cistus albidus), also called white cistus or whitish cistus, is a Arbrisseau Characteristic from Garrigue, supporting a period of aridity and appreciating the soils limestone.

  • The plant is known in English under the name of Rockrose " (Rose des Roches) or " White Dart .

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The name cist comes from the ancient Greekκίσθος, " box, capsule ", allusion to the shape of the fruit Capsular1.

The Latin word Albidus, meaning " whitish ", refers to the characteristic sheets characteristic and not to flowers which are pink. It is also sometimes called whitish cistus or white cistusCistus Albidus is a shrub of the family of Cistaceae of size average (between 0.5 and 1.2 m. high). Its light gray light foliage is made up of simple, sessile, opposite and stubborn hair leaves. Its flowering spreads from April to June and reveals an inflorescence in Cyme Uniparous Helicoid composed of flowers formed by 5 petals with a crumple and pink appearance. Flowers attract bees, butterflies and other insects ensuring pollination Entomogame. The fruits of Cistus Albidus are Capsules dehiscent to 5 valves. The dissemination of the fruit is epizoochore.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Cistus Albidus by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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