15 Graines Cognassier de Provence

15 Graines Cognassier de Provence

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Cognassier de Provence | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Cognassier de Provence is a small shadow with deciduous leaves that produce fruit that resembles a pear.

15 seeds - seeds harvesting 2021- Medium germination: 70% - rustic: - 25 ° C - Bonsai: Yes

Germination advice :

The seeds are soaked 24 H in water. Sow in your pastille or culture pot. Average germination in 10 days under greenhouse 20/24 ° C

The Cognassier (Cydonia Oblonga) also called quince is a species of shrubs or small trees of the family of Rosaceae Originally from the temperate regions of Caucase andIran. Its fruits are Quinces also called golden apples or Cydonie. He is the only representative of the genre Cydonia.

The genus was formerly composed of four other species today distributed in two other genres : Pseudocydonia (like Cognassier de ChinaPseudocydonia sinensis) and Chaenomeles with which it is often confused.

Cousin of the apple and pear tree, the cognassier forms like them fruit with Pépins, Les Quince. Immature fruits are green and cottony on the surface. Most varieties lose this cottage veil before the end of autumn when the fruit changes color and becomes golden yellow at maturity. PIRIFORMES or Maliformmes, voluminous and very fragrant, the quinces measure from 7 to 12 CM long out of 6 at 9 CM wide.

Like the Apple or the Pear, the quince is at the botanical level a False-Fruit derived from an infer ovary member. After the fertilization, the floral receptacle develops at the same time as the fruit. The Péricarp is fleshy outside and cartilaginous inside (core, vulgar name corresponding to theEndocarp that can be assimilated to a core). The real fruit is this core resulting from the transformation of theovary, forming a little lignified nucleus which contains the seeds " Les Pépins " distributed in five lodges Carpellars. The quince is therefore a PIRIDION for botanists4.

The quince is a edible fruit at the base of numerous preparations (JamCompoteFruit confit…).

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