5 Graines Virgilia divaricata, keurboom, Cape virgilia

5 Graines Virgilia divaricata, keurboom, Cape virgilia

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Virgilia Divaricata, Keurboom, Cape Virgilia |

Virgilia is a kind oftrees of southern Africa of the family of Fabaceae which is known for its very rapid growth (4.5 m in 2 years) and its tendency to fall as it matures (about 15 years). The common name in South Africa (in Afrikaans ) is Keurboom , which means "tree of choice". [4] Considered as ornamental trees useful by gardeners, the two species of the genre are also known as in a hurry , of Lilas of the CAP, Flower tree and tree to Pink flowers .

5 seeds - Plip the seeds into boiling water at 90ºC for 10 seconds. Immediately after pouring them into water with ice cubes and dip in this water for 48 hours. Then proceed to direct sowing - non -rustic

These are small and medium -sized trees, reaching 15 to 20 meters high, easily filling the space in the garden. The tree has a penné foliage brilliant green, similar to a fern and displays pretty scented flowers resembling peas, Mauves / Roses (which smell the chewing- GUM ) during the hottest months which will be followed by dark and tough pods .

Pushing in full sun or partially in the shade, they prefer well -drained floors; Some will then push by 2m in the first season. They tolerate the wind and have a dense foliage growing near the ground, they are therefore useful as pioneering species for intimacy and protection against wind, despite a relatively short lifespan (15 years). popular in the United Kingdom since the 18th century, they are also now commonly present in the United States and Australia.


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