30 Graines Orme de Sibérie, Ulmus pumila

30 Graines Orme de Sibérie, Ulmus pumila

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Siberia elm, Ulmus Pumila |

Ormede Siberia (Ulmus Pumila) is a species of the family of the Ulmaceae, not to be confused with The False elm of Siberia (Zelkova Carpinifolia).

20 seeds -  Rusticity: - 30 ° C - Dip the seeds 24 hours in the water before sowing to 18/20 ° C

Ulmus Pumila is fromAsia Centrale, is Siberia, Mongolia, Xizang (Tibet), North of China, India (North of Cashmere) and Korea. He is also known as Asian elm and dwarf. This is the last species of tree encountered in the semi-desert regions of Central Asia. Present to the United States in 1905 by the Prof. J. G. Jack, Ulmus Pumila has been widely cultivated everywhere in the Americas, Asia and, to a lesser extent, southern Europe.

Siberia elm is usually a small and medium, often bushy, a shrub which can reach 10 to 20 meters in height, with a trunk up to 176 centimeters in chest height (DHP). The leaves are deciduous in the cold areas, but semi-personal in climates a more warmed up, < 7 cm long and < 3 cm wide, with an oblique base and a coarsely serrated margin, changing dark green in yellow in autumn.

The flowers pollinated by the perfect wind, an update emerging in early spring, before the leaves ; Unlike most elms, U. Pumila is able to successfully self-pollinize. The fruit dispersed by the wind, develops in a flat, oval membranous wing (samara) 1 - 1.5 centimeters long and notch at the outer end.

The tree is short -lived in temperate climates, rarely reaching over 60 years, but in its original environment can live -between 100 and 150 years. A giant specimen, 45 km south-east of Khanbogt in the Southern Gobi desert, with a circumference of 5.55 m in 2009 can exceed 250 years (based on the average width of annual dark circles other U. Pumila in the region).

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