20 Graines Mûrier noir Morus Nigra

20 Graines Mûrier noir Morus Nigra

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Black mulberry, Morus Nigra |

Black mulberry, Morus Nigra

20 seeds - Average germination: 40%

The Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra L.) is a species d 'fruit trees originating fromasia Western (south of Caucase, Armenie, Iran) and naturalized in North America (Canada, United States), in Europe and in China and belonging to the family of Moraracées.

It has been introduced and cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin since theAntiquity for its fruit, the Mûres, which are rather abandoned Nowadays.

The black mulberry is a monoic tree with slow growth up to 10 to 20 meters high.

Its deciduous leaves are alternate, glabrous or slightly pubescent on the reverse of the sheet. They are generally cordiforms but can be lobed. They measure up to 15 CM long.

The black mulberry is rustic and supports a climate type USDA zone 5.

Auto-far, it flowers in the spring.

It gives edible fruits of about 25 MM long, very attentive and fragile that arrives at maturity in mid-August. They must be consumed quickly because they are quickly perishable.

M. Nigra L. is Dexoploid (2N = 22x = 308), it has the greatest number of chromosomes among Phanerogams1.

The black mulberry can live up to 120 years. Subsequently, it is not uncommon for the tree to split in half under the weight of the carpenter branches. The tree can survive thus but most often appear discharges at the base of the tree.

Differences between white and black mulberry

Although some sources indicate that the white mulberry produces white fruits and the black mulberry of black fruits, it is more or less true. The black mulberry always wears dark or black purple fruits. On the other hand, depending on the varieties, the white mulberry carries white, yellow, rosé, purple or black fruits.

  • The white mulberry fruit presents a peduncle long (sometimes the length of the fruit) while the black mulberry has, so to speak, a peduncle, or a very short peduncle.
  • The fruit of the white mulberry is gentle before maturity, while at the same stage that of the black mulberry is very acidic. Complete maturity, that of the white mulberry is quite bland and very sweet, that of the black mulberry is sweet and slightly tangy.
  • The flavor of the fruit of the MûRier Noir appeals to almost all of the general public. The fruits of the white mulberry are generally little estimated in France, but those of the cultivars selected for their fruits have a high taste value. They are very appreciated in the countries which cultivate them, in Middle East (Iran, Syrie, Lebanon, Israel) Notamment.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Black Mulberry from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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