30 Graines Vesce commune, Vesce cultivée, Vicia sativa

30 Graines Vesce commune, Vesce cultivée, Vicia sativa

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Common vesce, cultivated vesce, vicia sativa | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Vicia Sativa, the common or cultivated vesce, is a species of plants dicotyledons of the family of fabaceae, originally fromEurasie . These are Annual herbaceous plants ,Climbing , often cultivated asFourragers.

30 Seeds 

The hypogeous growth rod is simple or branched, climbing and can reach 70 CM.

High. The Leaf is made up of 3 and 8 pairs of leaflets and completed by an Vrille ramified. The stipules are, generally,nectarifers. In some varieties, stains from anthocyanas.

Are observed on the stems. The Fleur is purple or purple more or less purplish more rarely white from 1 to 3CM , inserted by 2, rarely solitary, on Peduncles very short. The Calice.

Is serrated (equal teeth) and breaks at maturity. The pod is elongated, cylindrical or slightly flattened up to 60 MM of length. The Graine.

Is a yellowish brown with brown brown, polymorphic and smooth wall.In the Neolithic, the vesce was used in human food and probably cultivated in the south of France. Young shoots and young leaves can be eaten as vegetables8. Young leaves and shoots have the taste of cosse than pea. The also edible flowers can be used in decoration. Its seeds, although nourishing (hence the ancient crop of this plant) do not have a pleasant taste, but are sometimes used in flour9 [A1111].

Today this legume is mainly used as Green fertilizer and as a fodder plant because it presents different assets :

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