5 Graines Magnolia de Virginie, Magnolia virginiana

5 Graines Magnolia de Virginie, Magnolia virginiana

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Magnolia de Virginie, Sweetbay, Magnolia Virginiana |

Magnolia Virginiana , better known as Magnolia Sweetbay , or simply Sweetbay (also Magnolia de Laurier, Swampbay, Magnolia des Marais, Baie Blanche or Castor), [3] is a member of the Magnolias family , Magnoliaceae . It was the first magnolia to be described scientifically according to the modern rules of Nomenclature Botanique, and it is the type species of the genus Magnolia ; Like Magnolia is also like type of all flower plants (Magnoliophytes), this species somehow characterizes all flower plants.

5 seeds - Stratification with cold 3/4 months before sowing, ideal seed temperature 18-20 ° C -  Rusticity: -15 ° C - Foliage: Semi -personal

Magnolia Virginiana is a persistent leaf tree  or with leaf Darkly 30 m (100 feet) high, originating in the bass lands and swamps of the plain Atlantic coastal of the East of the United States , from Florida to Long Island , New York . whether on deciduous or persistent leaves depends on the climate; It is sempervire in areas with softer winters south of its distribution area (zone 7 to the south), and is semi-personal or deciduous further north. The leaves are alternate, simple (not lobed or pinnate), with whole edges, 6 to 12 cm long and 3 to 5 cm wide. The bark is smooth and gray, with the internal bark slightly scented, the perfume recalling the spice of Laurier bay .

The flowers are white cream, 8 to 14 cm in diameter, with 6 to 15 Tepals in the shape of petals. Flowers give off a very strong vanilla scent which can sometimes be perceived several hundred meters. The fruit is an aggregate merged with follicles, 3 to 5 cm long, rosé red at maturity, the follicles opening to release the seeds 1 cm long. The seeds are black but covered with a finely fleshy red coat, which attracts some birds frugivores ; These swallow the seeds, digest red coating and disperse the seeds in their excrement.

Magnolia Virginiana is often cultivated as an ornamental tree in gardens and used in horticultural applications to give an architectural touch to landscaping. It is an attractive tree for the parks and the large gardens , cultivated for its large visible and scented flowers, for its clean and attractive foliage and for its rapid growth . In warmer regions, Magnolia Virginiana is appreciated for its evergreen foliage.

The English botanist and missionary John Banister A harvested Magnolia Virginiana in the Southeast of the United States in 1678 and sent him to England , where he A Fleuri for Bishop Henry Compton . This species was the first Magnolia to be cultivated in England, although it was quickly overshadowed by the southern Magnolia with persistent and large flowers ( M. Grandiflora ) [4]

The Magnolia Sweetbay was hybridized in Horticulture with a certain number of species from the under -Genre Magnolia . These species include M. Globosa, M. Grandiflora, M. Insignis, M. Macrophylla, M. OBOVATA, M. SIEBOLDII and M. TRIPETALA . Some of these hybrids have received Names of Cultivars and were recorded by the Magnolia Society.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/magnolia_virginiana

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