10 Graines Fleur Léopard, Belamcanda Chinensis

10 Graines Fleur Léopard, Belamcanda Chinensis

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Leopard flower, Belamcanda Chinensis | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Belamcanda Chinensis, or " Fleur Leopard " is an ornamental plant in the family of Iridacea1. It is also known as the Tiger Iris, Pardanthe de China, Belamcanda of the Morées. Anglophones names her Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily or Leopard Flower. The other synonyms are Epidendrum Domesticum L., Vanilla Domestica (L.) Druce, Belamcanda Punctata Moench, Gemmingia Chinensis (L.) Kuntze, Ixia Chinensis L., Morée Chinensis, and Pardanthe Chinensis. In 2005, on the basis of the evidence of molecular DNA sequence, Belamcanda Chinensis, the only species of the genus Belamcanda, was transferred to the genus Iris.

10 seeds

Its flowering, made of small flowers with 6 petals to Corolles Rotaceae takes place mainly in summer. It has 3 stamens and 1 Long Trifide style. The flowers of Belamcanda Chinensis are mainly orange -red, but also with dominant yellow or pink.

Plant Perennial by its rhizome, it is from southeast Asia, including China,India and Japan. It supports temperate climates (up to −15 ° C) being exposed to the sun or partial shade.

  • Flowering : in summer, from June to August.
  • Pollinization : Entomogame
  • Dissemination : Barochore

Its fruits are Turbined capsules, swollen with 3 valves, dehiscent containing the black, spherical and shiny seeds .

Herbaceous plant Rhizomatous, with rods from 60 to 90 CM. Its foliage is made of long and narrow leaves Amplexicaule.

His name, Belamcanda, was given to him by Michel Adanson. A name previously imposed by Hendrik Van Rheede had included it to IXIAS alluding to the form of the corolla. But as most other Ixia have tubular flowers, the name of these should stop being significant. Subsequently a genre was created Moroea Chinensis quickly abandoned from which it only kept the common name which remains in certain works. Belamcanda des Morées is one of the many names from spoken in Malabar being part of the long list of local names given by Hendrik Van RheEdE2.

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