20 Graines Rosa palustris - Rosaceae - Rosier des marais

20 Graines Rosa palustris - Rosaceae - Rosier des marais

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Rosa Patustris, rose of the marshes |

Rosa Patustris - Rosaceae - Rosier des Marais. 

20 seeds

The Rosier des Marais (Rosa Patustris) or is a species of Rosier of Section of Carolinæ, originally from the East of North America, Canada (Quebec, Ontario) to the south of the United States ((((((Florida).

Synonym : Rosa Hudsoniana Thory and Rosa Pensylvania Michx

It is a shrub Drageonnant, 1 to 1.8 meters high, at the erect port, which grows in the marshes and at the edge of the lakes. It has bright green foliage with dark green, made up of imparipenés at 5 to 9 leaflets.

The simple flowers, brilliant dark pink, 4.5 to 5 cm in diameter, are solitary or grouped in corymbes. Long and late flowering is followed by red fruits.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Rosa Patustris by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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