3 Graines Bec de perroquet, Kakabeak, Clianthus puniceus

3 Graines Bec de perroquet, Kakabeak, Clianthus puniceus

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Parrot beak, lobster clips, kakabeak, clianthus puniceus |

Clianthus Puniceus , Commonly called Kaka Bec ( Kōwhai NGUTU-Kākā in Maori ), is a species of flower plant of Genre Clianthus of the family of legumes Fabaceae , Originally of the island of the North of New Zealand.

3 seeds - Rusticity: - 5 ° C

Photo: stratification with hot water approx. 50 ° C, then leave in water for 48 hours, germination in 7 days in greenhouse at 25-30 ° C days

Clianthus puniceus is a shrub with persistent leaves , one of the two species of Clianthus , which both have striking bunches of red flowers resembling the beak of Kākā , a New Zealand parrot. The plant is also known as the parrot's beak , de Bec de Parrot and lobster clamp . There is also a variety with white cream flowers.

It reaches approximately 2 m (6 ft 7 in high), with spreading branches producing leaf rods up to 15 cm (6 in) long bearing several pairs of small leaflets. They generally flourish from spring at the beginning of summer, but can flower twice a year or even all year round. [3] Its port chant means that it can be drawn against a wall. It requires shelter against frosts.

The Latin specific epithet Puniceus refers to the red-violet color of flowers. 

The species is in critical danger of extinction in the wild, known only on the island of Moturemu in the Port of Kaipara . [6] In New Zealand, it was previously widely cultivated as a garden plant, but was generally replaced by the most robust Clianthus Maximus . [7] However, he is cultivated in the Kingdom- A 59] Uni , where he gave birth to several Cultivars . The species [8] and the cultivar ' Roseus' [9] both won the Price of Merit of the Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society (confirmed in 2017) . [dix]

This plant won the price of the merit of the Jardin de la Royal Horticultural Society.

La graine en forme de cœur de Clianthus puniceus

The heart -shaped seed by Clianthus PuniceuS


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