20 Graines Thymophylla, Adenophyllum, Dyssodie

20 Graines Thymophylla, Adenophyllum, Dyssodie

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Thymophylla, adenophyllum, dyssodia |

Dyssodia is a small kind of flower plants from the Asteraceae family. Many species formerly included in Dyssodia are now treated as members of other related genres, notably Thymophylla or Adenophyllum .

20 Seeds - height 15/20 cm

Dyssodia Papposa is generally preserved in this genre. Several species of Dyssodia (Sensu Lato) have found their way in the nursery trade and are relatively popular annuals for hot and dry sites. Generally sold under the name of Dyssodia with filiform sheets (Dyssodia heldscta) and golden Dyssodia (Dyssodia Cf. Pentachaeta). They work better in well -drained soil.


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