10 Graines Arbre à perruque, Cotinus coggygria

10 Graines Arbre à perruque, Cotinus coggygria

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Wig tree, dyers of dyers, Cotinus coggygria |

COTINUS COGGYGRIA, the common, ,, Sumac des Teinturiers or Sumac Fustet, is a species of plants with flowers of family of anacardiaceae and the genre cotinus. It is a shrub to Leaves rounded from Asia and temperate Europe, often planted for its qualities of ornamental plant. Indeed, in the spring, its pedicels lie down by lining with hairs, thus giving long plumes, white, vaporous, very decorative ; Then in autumn, the foliage is adorned with orange red colors.

10 seeds - Cold stratification for 4 to 6 months. Sowing in spring at 18 ° C

It is a shrub Measuring 13 at 5 M high. The Leaf has a petiole measuring up to 3.5 CM ; The Foliar Limbe is largely Elliptical to Obovale, 3 at 8 CM and 2.5 at 6 cm, pubescent on both faces, the rounded base with large cuneiform, the whole edge, the rounded apex, presenting 6 at 11 pairs pairs pairs lateral ribs5.

TheInflorescence is a Panicle Pubescent. The Pedicelle Measure 7 at 10 MM ; The Fleur, yellowish3, approximately 3 MM in diameter. The Calice is GLABRE, at Lobes Ové-Triangulars, about 1.2 MM and 0.8 wide MM. The petals are oval at ovals-lanceoles, 2–2.5 long long MM and around 1 MM. The stamens measure approximately 1.5 MM ; The anthers are ovoid, of length equal to that of filaments. The disc is Pentalobé, purplish brown. Theovary is subglobular, of approximately 0.5 mm in diameter ; There are three Styles, free, unequal. The Fruit is a Drupe Réniform, about 4.5 mm and 2.5 mm, glabre5.

The Flowering takes place from February to August in China5, in May-June in France3, and the fruiting from May to May November in China5, in July-August in France3.

Bark is used in Tannerie3 in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Wood produces an orange dye6.

In Popular Medicine, it is commonly used as Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial and Antihemorragic in the wound healing. In Bulgaria, this species would have been used to prepare a herbal tea for medicinal use, for the treatment of Diarrhea, oral inflammation and ulcers Gastric and Duodenal , and the extracts have proven to have a phenolic content high and properties 

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