30 Graines Andromède campanulée, Enkianthus campanulatus

30 Graines Andromède campanulée, Enkianthus campanulatus

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Andromeda Campanulée, Enkianthus Campanulatus |

The species of the most rustic Enkianthus is E. Campanulatus ( Furin-Tsutsuji or Enkianthus à Véine Rouge), a shrub with deciduous leaves medium -sized, narrow and right . Its brilliant green foliage gives brightly red copper -to -red colors. In the spring, it offers a profusion of bell -shaped flowers ( Campanule , "small bell"), white cream veined with red, similar to those of Pieris , distant related. [1]

30 Seeds - Average germination: 15%

The plant was brought to England by Charles Maries , who hunted plants in Japan at the time for Veitch Nurseries . The shrub can exceed height expectations in the right circumstances, as in Gravetye Manor by William Robinson , where a pair planted at the turn of the 20th century reached 15 feet (5 m). [2]

Exhibition : full sun in partition
Spacing : 4 'to 5' distance
Height x average width : 10 'high x 5' wide
Fertilization: Fertilize in spring just before the start of the new growth resistance to
cold : -20 ° F humid. prefers acidic and well -drained soil.

Largely cultivated as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens, this plant won the price of merit of the Jardin de la Royal Horticultural Society 


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