10 Graines Pommier de Sibérie, Malus baccata

10 Graines Pommier de Sibérie, Malus baccata

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Siberia apple tree, Malus Baccata |

Malus Baccata is a species of Pommier from northern Asia. He is also appointed Microcarpe apple tree of Siberia2. It is used as an ornamental tree, as Cartek and sometimes as Bonsai (because of its small fruits more suited to Bonsai format.)

10 seeds - cold stratification 3 months before sowing, ideal seed temperature 18/20 ° C - Rusticity: - 30 ° C

It is a rustic tree that can measure up to 14 meters high. Petioles are 2-5 cm long. The elliptical leaves are 2-3 cm long. MALUS BACCATA is decorative by its abundant flowering. It gives scented white flowers 3-3.5 cm in diameter grouped by 4-6. The petals are white and egg-shaped, about 2-2.5 cm long.

The fruits are red to yellow and spherical and look like small cherries. They are only about 1 cm in diameter and form dense clusters. Flowering takes place in the spring, with fruits appearing in September-October and being able to stay on the tree until the beginning of winter. The seeds (and not the rest of the fruit) contain fairly large quantities ofCyanhydric acid and their consumption is not recommended3.

Malus Baccata is very rustic (USDA zone 4) and does not fear Gel. The flowers are Hermaphrodites and are pollinated by insects. The tree is auto-far. It is known to attract fauna.

It grows on all types of soil (sandy, silt, clay) but prefers a well -drained and humid soil. He prefers an acidic pH but supports neutral and basic soils. It can develop in partial shade or in full sun. Malus Baccata is used as an ornamental tree for its flowers and fruits. The fruits are edible and consumed fresh or dried.

Being one of the largest and most resistant apple species of cold and pests, M. Baccata is, despite the smallness of its apples, sometimes used inhybridization programs For the creation of more resistant domestic varieties, in particular the Tavelure of the apple. M. Baccata is also a parent close to Malus Sieversii, the ancestor of the domestic apple, hence his interest in RetrocrementMALUS BACCATA is a good pollinator for all apple trees because its flowering is spread over a long period.

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