20 Graines Fraisier des Indes, de Duchesne, Potentilla indica

20 Graines Fraisier des Indes, de Duchesne, Potentilla indica

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India strawberry, Duchesne strawberry, Potentilla Indica |

Potentilla Indica (Formerly Duchesnea Indica), the Indies Strawberry, Duchesne Strawberry or Yellow Flower Strawberry, is A species of Herbaceous plants VIVACES Stolonifères of the family of Rosaceae. This species has a character Invasive1 in the environments that suit it, even competing the Wood StrawberryThis small plant looks very much like wild strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) with which it is often confused. Here the flowers are yellow while they are white in edible strawberry, the fruit (fleshy floral receptacle) is more spherical. Confusion is not serious because these false insipid strawberries are not toxic6.

20 seeds - Direct sowing - Rusticity: - 15 ° C - HAuthor: 10-15 cm

In China, the plant, known mainly under the name of " Snake Strawberry "7, is used as a medicinal plant, the whole plant being usable (leaf, fruit, root, fresh or dry). It is deemed to have anti -cancer properties (in association with other species, antiseptic, Anticoaglants, Depuratives and FEBRIFUGES). While the dried leaves are in oily preparation used to treat burns and eczema, poultices of fresh leaves are deemed to be effective against snake bites, insect bites, abscesses and boils. The fruit is sometimes used in alcoholic beverages.

Source : Article Potentilla Indica from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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