5 Graines Genêt blanc, Rtem, Retama monosperma

5 Graines Genêt blanc, Rtem, Retama monosperma

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White broom, rtem, retama monosperma |

Retama Monosperma (L.) Boiss. (or white broom, white retam) or rtem (in Arabic) is a shrub that can form thick bushes on the coastal sand dunes of Morocco. He is probably from southern Spain or North Africa. Out of its Mediterranean area, it is an invasive species that is prohibited in certain countries (see below).

5 seeds

It is a monoic plant that can reach 6 m high. It is reported in the valley ofOued Mellah (Morocco), at a place called Koudiat El-Gâada, an arborescent copy.This plant is able to do many branches. Young people are silky green with silver gray. They are chlorophyllians and actively participate in Chlorophyllian synthesis. Indeed, the foliage is deciduous, frank green, made up of tiny alternate, linear lanceolate leaves which remain in place only a few days. The flowering is long : it goes from the end of winter to early spring according to the climate (and the place), very fragrant. A cloud of tiny flowers (+ or -1 cm) similar to pea flowers are distributed over short Racmes (clusters). They are white, unisexua (plant monoic).The fruit is a small vegetable (a pod) short, containing a seed, sometimes two (hence the name of Monosperma). The pod measures less than 2 CM, it is acuminated (finished in a point), hairy. The seeds are reniform, yellow and smooth ocher in color. They are toxic (as are those of a majority of fabaceae). They contain Cytisine, an alkaloid toxic.Retama Monosperma likes poor floors, like many legumes (thanks to nodotions with rhizobium, it synthesizes nitrogen compounds). It requires a soil especially very well drained even sandy with high salinity. It is a plant of sun, even partial shade.It is found in the south of Europe, around the Mediterranean, along the coast (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, to Mezraya on the island Djerba, In the Canaries, south east of Spain (Andalusia), Portugal, Italy, Alpes-Maritimes. It is present in Australia and Tasmania (result of a probable introduction). in Morocco, it is found on the dunes Sand of the Moroccan Atlantic Littoral. There is a very nice stand in what has become the biological reserve of Sidi-Boughaba, Mehdia (Morocco) 1. The settlement occupies sand dunes, facing the sea, exposed to sea spray of the Atlantic Ocean. It is in association with the red juniper.This plant does not tolerate frost, except short exhibitions not exceeding - 6 ° C[réf. nécessaire]. This excludes it from the French Mediterranean region as a fixing plant of sand dunes. its beautiful white flowers have Make a tree sought by florists. We must seek there the origin of its global dispersion and its introduction as an ornamental plant.

In the village Mezraya on the island Djerba, the white broom is one of the species used to form the hedges (Tabia) which separate the menzels.

It is a plant commonly used to fix the dunes, but you should know that in some countries it is an " alien " with other genres which appear on the list of invasive plants, its culture and Its marketing is strictly prohibited in Australia and the United States (in particular California).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Retama Monosperma by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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