50 Graines Tabac mapacho, Tabac de jardin, Nicotiana rustica

50 Graines Tabac mapacho, Tabac de jardin, Nicotiana rustica

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Mapacho tobacco, garden tobacco, nicotiana rustica | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Small tobacco or Garden Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica) is a plant in the family of Solanaceae originating in CORDILLÈRE DES ANDES (Ecuador, Pérou, Bolivie) and which has spread to Venezuela, in Central America, in Mexico and in the east of the United States. It is more rarely called rustic tobacco.

50 Seeds

Nicotiana Rustica is an annual plant 40-80 cm high, covered with glandular hairs, with a virer odor. The leaves oval, oblong or lanceolate, 10-20 (30) cm long, are worn by a 5-15 cm long petiole.

The inflorescences are Panicles bearing several yellow flowers. The Corolle greenish yellow has a tube 1.2 to 2 cm long, 2 to 3 times longer than the chalice.

The fruits are Subglobulous capsules , 7-16 mm long. They hardly exceed the chalice and can contain thousands of small brown seeds.

Flowering is spread out during the months of June and July.

In the rural communities of the Andes, the Curandero is a healer knowing the medicinal virtues of the plants and playing a role of intermediary between our world and the world of spiritual forces1. In Peru, in the Indian community of Ayabaca (more than 2900 m above sea level), the different species of tobacco are used by Curandero in rituals of divination and care Smoke based. Nicotiana Rustica (Tabaco Moro) is used to heal, N. Tabacum (Tabaco Blanco) to perform propitiatory rituals. In these same functions, the N. Paniculata (Tabaco Cimarron) is considered to be the most powerful1. The healer placed next to the patient, begins by singing then he blows up tobacco smoke all over the subject's body.

Tobacco is present in one form or another in most Amerindian rituals but there is currently a more modern use. According to a recent ethnobotanic investigation2, conducted with the populations Quechuas Rural of Peru, The leaves of N. Rustica (Giusa In language Quechua) are used in friction on the hair to eliminate lice.

It is a species of tobacco whose leaves are very concentrated in nicotine (9 % against approximately 1 to 3 % in the leaves of common tobacco, Nicotiana Tabacum). It is used today to create organic pesticides .

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Nicotiana Rustica by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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