5 Graines Dasylire de Wheeler, Dasylirion wheeleri

5 Graines Dasylire de Wheeler, Dasylirion wheeleri

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Dasylire de Wheeler, Dasylirion Wheeleri |

Dasylirion Wheeleri ( Tilting of the desert , spoon flower , Sotol or Common Sotol ) is a species from flower plant of the asparagus family ( Asparagaceae ), originally from arid environments of North of Mexico and South-West of the United States .

5 seeds - Soak the seeds 48 hours in the water before sowing  - Sowing at 20/30 ° C - Rusticity: - 15 ° C

Dasylirion Wheeleri is a persistent leaf shrub moderate growth in slow with a single unarmed trunk reaching 40 centimeters (16 inches) thick and reaching 1.5 meters (5 feet ) height, although often lying on the ground. The Limbe of the leaf is thin, from 35 to 100 cm (14 to 39 in long, gray-green, with a toothed margin. The leaves radiate from the center of the plant apex in all the (spherical) directions.

Flowering from May to July, the stem Flifère grows above the foliage, up to a height of 5 m (16 ft) high [1] and a diameter of 3 cm ([ 1+1  4  PO). The rod is surmounted by a long plume of small straw flowers about 2.5 cm long to six Tepals . The color of the flower helps to determine the sex of the plant, being mainly white for males and purple pink for females. The Fruit is a Capsule Oval dryer of5 to 8 millimeters ( 1  4 - 3  8  PO) Long, containing only one Seed .

Dasylirion leiophyllum is similar, but the toothed leaves bend towards the base.


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