2 Graines Kaki cathay, Plaqueminier, Diospyros cathayensis

2 Graines Kaki cathay, Plaqueminier, Diospyros cathayensis

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Khaki cathay, cathay plaque, diospyros cathayensis |

The ebenaceae (cabinet) are a family of plants dicotyledons which includes 500 species divided into two to six Gender.

2 Seeds - stratification 3 months before sowing

These are trees or shrubs mainly tropical regions but have some species in temperate areas. They constitute an important source of wood : the wood ofebony (Diospyros Ebenum) and fruit.

The Plaqueminier of Japan (Diospyros Kaki) is cultivated under temperate climates for its fruits (Kakis) edible orange the size of a Fishing which are harvested at the end of autumn, season during which its leaves take a beautiful red shade. Another species producing edible fruits is the plaqueminier of Virginie (Diospyros Virginiana) while the fruits of the Plateminier ofEurope (Diospyros Lotus) are only rarely consumed.

This surname is one of those who, through the game of botanical nomenclature rules, do not have an appellation in accordance with their type type. Originally the name came from the genus Ebenus, Latinized form of Greek ἐβένη / Hebenê, “ Cabinier (plant) ; Ebony, black wood ", a word that would be borrowed from Egyptian and would itself be of origin Nubian1.

Now the genre Ebenus attributed in 1882 by Otto Kuntze on which the family name Ebenaceae was based, had already been attributed by Linné in 1753 for a plant of The family of Fabaceae. The genus Ebenus of Kuntze has finally become a simple synonym of the genre Diospyros of Greek Διός / Dios, God, Divine, and [and πυρός / Pyros, wheat, literally " Divine wheat ", in reference to the starchy fruit of Diospyros Lotus (" Plaqueminier "or" Prunier-Dattier ") whose taste recalls Date, Fruit du Dattier2.

Thus, although the genre Ebenus in the sense of Kuntze was successively called MABA then Diospyros, The family kept the name Ebenaceae, The genre paradoxically no longer part. As for the genus Ebenus In the sense of Linné, it was preserved and, in accordance with its first author (Linné), refers to species of the family of Fabaceae.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Ebenaceae from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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