30 Graines Rudbeckia hirta, Rudbeckia Hirta Goldilock

30 Graines Rudbeckia hirta, Rudbeckia Hirta Goldilock

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Rudbeckia Hirta, Rudbeckia Hirta Goldilocks |

Rudbéckie bristled1, Rudbeckie bristling or Rudbéckie Hirsuten 1, of his scientific name Rudbeckia Hirta2, is a kind of flower plant belonging to the genus Rudbeckia of the family of Asteraceae.

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She is fromNorth America where she is called " Black-Eyed Susan " (" Suzanne with black eyes ", not to be confused with Thunbergia Alata, called " Suzanne with black eyes " in Europe, which is not related to him). It is cultivated as ornamental plant in the temperate regions.

The genre name Rudbeckia was attributed by Linné in homage to Olof Rudbeck (1630-1702), a Swedish anatomist, botanist and antique dealers who founded the garden Botanical ofUppsala and his son Olof Rudbeck the Younger (1660-1740), first protector of Linné. Rudbeck took up the tutor of his sons and entrusted him with his botany chair at the University ofUppsala4. TheSpecific epithet Hirta comes from Latin Hirtus " bristling (speaking of the hair) " (Gaffiot).

Rudbeckia Hirta is a herbaceous plant that can be annual, biennial or perennial5. It reaches, in nature, a meter high, and more for cultivated plants. The stem is covered with large rigid, erect, sometimes trendy to touch (Hispid), which earned it its name. The foliage is deciduous6.

The leaf, carried by a long petiole, is elliptical-oval and has a cune base (in the shape of a corner) and a whole or tightened margin. The limb is Hispid or shaggy, of variable size, 8-30 × 0.5-7 CM7.

TheInflorescence is a capitula carried at the end of a branch, underpinned by two series of large Bracts Hispids, of 3 CM Long8. The capitule, of Radied type, is formed in the center by a brown protuberance (the heart, that is to say the capitule with convex floral receptacle), covered with Fleurons Tubués, surrounded by 8 to 12 long Flowers Yellow Ligulated Devices9.

The Ligules, from 15 to 45 MM long, can be entirely yellow, or also red through orange nuances. The receptacle is hemispherical to ovoid, that is to say convex. The flowering is spread out from June to October to United States as in Europe10. The Fruit is formed from an ovary Infère (Cypsèle) of 1.5–2.7 MM, without PAPPUS (Aigrette)2.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Rudbeckia Hirta from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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