10 Graines Cerisier à grappes, Prunus padus

10 Graines Cerisier à grappes, Prunus padus

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Clusters cherry, clusters, prunus paadus |

The Cherry with clusters or Cherry with clusters (Prunus Padus), sometimes named Amarier, Bois-Puant, Putier, Putiet, Putet or Pétafouère, is a tree in the family of Rosaceae.

10 Seeds - Rusticity: -39 ° C - Cold stratification for 4/5 months before sowing

Despite its possible name as " cherry ", its fruits have little interest : they are small (6-8 mm in diameter), sour flesh and Astringent and The nucleus occupies about 80 % of the volume. Nevertheless their maceration in alcohol gives a liquor still produced in the French Alps to which the ancients[Qui ?] attributed digestive properties. Its fruits contain two Anthocyanines : Cyanidine-3-Rutinoside (60%) and Cyanidine-3-Glucoside (40%)1.ce Prunus is Besides, closer to Lauriers-Cérises (Prunus Laurocerasus).

Shrub or tree (3-10 m) whose wood sometimes has an unpleasant smell after breakage (bitter almond). Leaves: alternate, pontu oval (8-10 cm), toothed, with 1-2 nectarifer glands on the petiole, near the limb. Flowers: long clusters (10-15) hanging, sometimes erect, white, very fragrant. Fruits (July-September): small drupes in long clusters, spherical (8-9 mm in diameter), dark red then black, shiny, red juice, a globular nucleus (6 mm in diameter). Habitat : Wood and humid forests, wooden edges, hedges, edges of rivers, rather on siliceous floors. Also meets in parks and gardens2. The fruit is not toxic but it is not consumable because its flavor is sour. Almond rich in cyanogenetic heterosides is toxic (as in many rosaceae).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Prunus Padus from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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