20 Graines Fusain d'Europe, bonnet de prêtre, Euonymus europaeus

20 Graines Fusain d'Europe, bonnet de prêtre, Euonymus europaeus

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European charcoal, priest's cap, Euonymus Europaeus |

The charcoal, the European charcoal (Euonymus Europaeus), the priest hat, the Bois à Lardoire or the bishop's Bonnet, is a shrub or a small tree of the family of Cesstraceae.

20 seeds- stratify hot seeds for 2 months, then cold stratify them for 2-3 months before sowing- 

Average germination: 60%

It is a common shrub in France, which can measure from 3 to 8 meters, erect, branched stems, matt green, almost quadrangular (often marked with 4 more or less linked whitish ridges), opposite and finely dentaled leaves with small green-yellowish flowers. This shrub is above all remarkable by its fruits in the fall, Roses capsules revealing orange seeds, or bright pink capsules to see shiny red seeds. The seed is in fact entirely wrapped in an arille 1, which gives it its color.

Their aspect made them nickname " bishop caps "2. In the fall, its foliage is partially colored in red, sometimes lively, which makes it a very appreciated plant in the hedges for its decorative appearance.

It has rapid growth, but low longevity3.

It is common everywhere except in Mediterranean.

Species Heliophile or mid-shade4.

It is found in the HEAD, the Lists, Les Bois, frosty and Hêtraies.

It is easily multiplied by SENIS, COUTURE and Marcotte4.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article European charcoal of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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